Qualified - Comprehensive

  • Delivery via email, SMS or direct to your CRM system (Salesforce.com etc)
  • All roofs verified good (for solar)
  • Fast - leads to you in less than 3 minutes
  • Updated - real time updates

Exclusive Renewable Leads

  • Exclusive leads - all 50 states
  • Guaranteed no shading (Solar)
  • Your targeted ZIP codes only
  • Guaranteed returns

Trusted Site

  • Informed prospects looking to buy  

DASolar Leads - Pricing and Delivery

Pricing and Targeting

We offer PayPerLead pricing for both residential and commercial leads.

Targeting is accomplished via a list of ZIP codes (or counties, or states) provided by you. Leads will be provided to you for those locations only.


Delivery of leads is via email, SMS, automated phone call or directly into your CRM system (or any combination) for up to 4 contacts.


All leads are verified for correct information against 8 separate databases and by our staff for suitability of roofs for solar by checking for shading, etc. We also check location with the prospect via email and surveys to determine if Bing Bird's Eye or Google Maps is more accurate. Any lead can be "returned" if it has bad data or non-responsive customer. 

Contract and Billing

Our agreement is a 2 page DocuSign contract (it can be signed "electronically" in a just few minutes). The contract details the terms above without any legalese. Monthly invoices are sent automatically along with a spreadsheet with the details of that month's leads. Returned leads are credited on the following invoice.

Please let us know if you're interested. There is no obligation and you can cancel at any time. Let us prove to you the value of our leads.

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